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Released September 1, 2019

In the era of “fake news,” when facts are suspect and reporters are targets, White House Correspondent Lark Chadwick is thrust into the midst of a media-bashing frenzy -- a real-life look behind the scenes at the ethical struggles of a female journalist in a #MeToo world walking the line between personal feelings and dispassionate objectivity. Pre-order now here:

MY BOOKS:  I’m a former CNN journalist who became a novelist. In my fiction, I’m a man who writes as a woman. My novels feature Lark Chadwick, a strong-minded young woman trying to find purpose in life.

In FAST TRACK, Lark solves the mystery of the car-train collision that orphaned her as an infant. The novel deals with suicide, mentoring relationships, and journalistic integrity.

In BLUFF, Lark’s mentoring relationship with her crusty boss Lionel Stone continues as she investigates the mysterious death of Lionel’s daughter while hiking the Inca Trail to Machu Picchu in Peru. I hiked the Inca Trail to research the book.

In TROUBLED WATER, Lark is about to begin her first day on the job as a cops and courts reporter at a daily newspaper in Georgia when she discovers the body of what turns out to be a serial killer’s first victim. In this tale, Lark gets caught up in deadly office politics at a newspaper in trouble because of tumultuous changes within journalism.

In BULLET in the CHAMBER, Gutsy White House Correspondent Lark Chadwick is front-row center when the executive mansion is suddenly attacked. The president is missing, the first lady’s life is at risk, and Lark’s personal life is falling apart when the man she loves disappears.

Although my novels are a progression of Lark’s life, they stand alone and don’t have to be read in order.

MY SERVICES: I’m also the leader of writing workshops around the country for aspiring and/or struggling writers. I also do manuscript editing and public speaking. If you’re an aspiring novelist, memoirist, or write non-fiction, I’d love to give your manuscript a critical look. I deal with the nit-picks as well as the big picture. I also provide writing tips in my blog.

So, pour yourself a glass of wine. Take your time browsing. And keep in touch.

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