Fast Track

“CNN won the 2009 Peabody Award for their coverage of the Presidential Election”

Wolf very generously wrote the following blurb for the recently released trade paperback edition of FAST TRACK:

“Fast Track” is one of those rare novels that you simply can’t put down. I was hooked on page one and it was non-stop until the very end – an emotional roller coaster.” Wolf Blitzer, CNN Anchor/"The Situation Room"

John DeDakis with Carol Costello

Me with Carol Costello on her wedding day. Unfortunately, the groom was some other guy. Carol is a trusted, cone-of-silence friend. Soon we'll be working together on a book-to-tape version of FAST TRACK. She'll read Lark's part; I'll do the guy voices, or at least that's the plan. Watch this space for more details.

John in 1974

Me in about 1976 at my first television gig at WMTV - Madison, Wisconsin.

This picture could also be captioned: "Another reason why you shouldn't do drugs."

My beat was Energy and Transportation. I also covered the Cuban boatlift and refugee influx during Jimmy Carter's presidency, winning a UPI award for my documentary "The Cubans: Freedom and Frustration."

My wife Cindy took this picture. As we were figuring out the pose, I asked her, "How do you want me to look?" Without missing a beat, she replied, "Like George Clooney." This is the best I could do. Sorry.

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